Volunteers Serving Food

Why Now?

The world is already inundated with disasters from climate change and forest fires and collapsing infrastructure to water and food shortages, unemployment, disease, racial tensions, social and economic inequities, and a growing divide between rich and poor which is predicted to become worse in 2021 and beyond.  Government programs are strained, the dollar faces devaluation, inflation is already on the rise, a stock market crash is expected to affect the middle class, and there is more need and demand for help from wealth individuals and companies to give out of goodness and also out of enlightened self-interest. Millennials and Gen-Xers are pressuring companies to step up, and the search for greater meaning after Covid is motivating more affluent families and individuals to do more to make a diffierence.

Hot Topics

Here are a few of the issues of great concern to Americans in 2021.

How Can You Help?

How you can help depends on so many factors: your time, your resources, your interests and concerns, your self-interest, your knowledge, your connections, your limitations, the demands on you or your company, what others are doing, and more.  I can help you sort all this out and develop a plan to make a maximum impact with a moderate to modest investment of your own time and money.

How I Can Help You.


I can help you clarify your mission, vision, and goals OR if you're already clear on them, help you research, plan,  implement and/or evaluation your Increased Impact Plan.