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Schedule a time we can connect by phone or Zoom to chat about your goals and see if it makes sense for me to give you a hand in reaching them.  If you think so when we talk, ask me for a custom proposal unique to you.

For Companies

Support for Your Social Impact Staff

UPS has defined these four new metrics for business success in 2021:

  • How your business can help people live better lives

  • Utilizing technology to get closer to and learn from your customers

  • Brand positioning and how to expand the market for your product

  • Positively impacting society and the environment

Here in Minneapolis, medium- to large-size businesses, including Target and Wells Fargo, have been adding or expanding positions like "Social Impact Leader," "Coordinator of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs," "Social Impact Data Analyst."

I can offer your Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Affairs, Communications, Marketing, Government Relations or other staff suggestions, referrals, or done-for-them research, strategic planning, or implementation support with a focus on enhancing your bottom line and maximizing your return on social investment.

For Individuals

Services for You

Wealthy Americans have always been leaders in social as well as business innovation.  I'm thinking of writing an anthology of models of impact who have made a huge difference in our society and the many ways they've contributed: inventors, investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, authors, speakers, Presidents.  Or someone like Andrew Carnegie, who supplied steel for building America, libraries for public enrichment and education, the stimulus for Napoleon Hill's work that's been a roadmap for so many successful businesses.


Most individuals have more modest goals like choosing the best charity to impact an issue they care about, serving on an Advisory Board or Commission, forming a private foundation, starting a new nonprofit, expanding diversity or equal pay in their company, sponsoring worthwhile community events (and getting the business benefits therefrom), endowing a scholarship fund, or investing in others' social impact efforts.

Whatever your goal, whatever issue you'd like to impact, I may be able to help you.  Schedule an initial chat with me, and it it seems like a fit I'll prepare and send you a personalized proposal.


For Families

Family foundations offer you the opportunity to combine interests, pool resources, teach children the value of helping others, and make a difference in a tax-smart way with legal and liability advantages. They can also facilitate intergenerational continuity, executive management, and insulation from personal criticism by disgruntled fundraisers who are passed over.

Foundation bylaws offer a formalized, agreed-in-advance, way to reach decisions about distribution of the family's charitable contributions without causing conflict.  While voting members may disagree, the foundation mechanism allows them to bring the issue to a vote to resolve it.

Foundations also offer you, the founder,  the opportunity to structure roles and procedures in a way that's specific to your situation and preferences.  A current example is the Gates Foundation, which has had a procedure from the beginning for what would happen should Bill and Melinda divorce, how assets would be divided.  Most if not all provide stipulations for what will happen in the event of the death of the founder.