A.K.A. Transition Management, Project Launch Management
New Business * New Book * New Career * Hobby Into Business
Call Carol at 612-227-0752 for a free planning consultation to see if this is a good fit for you.  List of Fees & Expenses follows.


Unless otherwise agreed, each package is a five-week, “whatever it takes,” done-for-you project designed to get you from wherever you are to where you want to be.  Fees and expenses are agreed upon in advance, and will cover some or all of the following, depending on what’s required to accomplish the five-week goals agreed upon in the beginning. Planning and coordination is always managed by Carol Liege; tasks are often outsourced to highly capable associates. 



Your Project May Involve Fewer or More Elements; Every Project is Customized to Your Goals

Contact Us for a Proposal for Your Project


☐ Goal-Setting (five weeks; one year; five years)

☐ Visioning (What will your life look like if you achieve your goals? Will you be successful, happy and fulfilled with that? 

☐ Branding: Name, Domain Name Search, tagline, elevator speech, defining characteristics

☐ Set up PayPal Business Account

☐ Trademark Research

☐ Trademark Registration*

☐ Domain Name Purchase*

☐ Legal Setup – LLC, S-Corp, Corporation, Partnership*

☐ Operating Documents

☐ Federal Tax ID (EIN)

☐ 50l©) (3) application

☐ Branded 5-Page Website, including business description, description of products and services, contact information (see our site, our preferred platform for new businesses and projects).

☐ Search Engine Optimization, Registration

☐ Three Branded Social Media Account Setups

☐ Online Store Hosting*

☐ Branded Email (paid or free)

☐ Logo (paid or free)

☐ Digital Templates (Proposal, Stationery, Invoice, Business Card – Brochure if Needed)

☐ Marketing Plan

☐ Marketing Materials (FB Ad, Adwords Ad, Sample Newsletter Article, Sample Letter, Sample Speech, Marketing Bio, Fact Sheets, FAQ, Business Card Book, proposal, grant application)

☐ Press Release/Announcement*

☐ PayPal Business Account

☐ Email availability for three months post-project.

☐ Anything else required to accomplish the five-week goals we set together.




Fees and Expenses
Most of these fees and expenses are optional and depend on your project and goals.
All are negotiable.



Trademark Registration

We trust and use LegalZoom. Their fee is $199-219 plus the Federal filing fee of $225-325.


Logo, Flavicon, QR Code

We can make you one free, get one from a Fiverr artist for $5-15, or start an international contest for top graphic designers who submit designs for your review for $200-400.  We can add a Flavicon, QR Code, and Gravitar at no extra costs.


Domain Name Purchase

We prefer the new Google Domains because of email options, integration with website builders.  Base cost is $12/year for a business .com. Sometimes there are premium costs for the domain name you want.


Legal Business Setup

Most things you may want to do either require or benefit from a legal business structure. Legalzoom’s fees are $149 – 369 for LLC, Corporation, or S-Corp + state filing fee.  In Minnesota, that’s $180.  Legalzoom fee for a nonprofit is $99-359 plus $115 state fee in Minnesota.  Sole Proprietorship is free if you use your full first and last name; LegalZoom fee for a DBA is $99-119, plus state fee of $25, plus the cost of ads.  LegalZoom offers a good tutorial on how to choose your structure.


Website Hosting; Online Store

We love Wix for the beauty, functionality, and flexibility of sites, as well as the ease with which non-technical people can change and maintain their sites.  Hosting ranges from free to $17/month; chances are you’ll want to spend $10-14 unless you want a store ($17).  We also like Shopify for eCommerce, priced at $29-299/month.


Branded Email

Google Domains offers up to 100 free “branded” email addresses forwarded to existing accounts.  Otherwise, email accounts with your .com ending are $5-10/month.


Press Release/Announcement

We use PR Web.  Prices are $99-369 per release.  Like most of these expenses, you’ll review what you get at different levels and participate in deciding which to use.  We can also launch free releases, guest blog posts, social media announcements and articles.


☐ Email availability for three months post-project.


☐ Anything else required to meet five-week goals.


Planning and Management Fee, + All Associate Fees

Flat Fee of $2500 for five weeks.