I am so impressed with the comprehensive strategic plan Carol developed for my speaking and writing to help people to be more confident and effective in their networking. She researched and included information on potential national partnerships, marketing materials, and promotional tools. She continually provides added value by providing advice and connections as she comes across them. Carol is not only highly experienced and very well connected on a national level, she is also able to take a big picture plan and break into into specific, manageable, strategic steps

Teresa Thomas, MN WIN Director

Networking speaker, facilitator and author | Catalyst for energizing and authentic business relationships

Carol reached out to assist me numerous times in getting my work off the ground. Her suggestions have been realistic and she grasped and understood my somewhat out of the box goals perfectly, basing her suggestions on those goals, when others were trying to fit me, unsuccessfully, into the same mold as other businesses. She also showed me that my work and experience had even more value than I had assumed myself. I highly, highly recommend Carol

Kim Pezza

Speaker, Trainer, Author, Coach and Community College Instructor

Carol reached out to me at a workshop after hearing my aspirations. I heard great feedback from others about her work. She was proactive, knowledgeable, encouraging, focused and very helpful. I highly recommend her to any new small business owner looking to move ahead quickly. My options and connections have expanded tremendously, since beginning my work with Carol.

Leanne Meier, RN, BSN

Speaker, Trainer, Author, Coach and Community College Instructor

Carol Liege was one of the most creative staff members in an innovative program established by Governor Volpe for the State of Massachusetts .It served as a stepping stone for the nation in providing leadership for the 50 states in implementation of new federal rules and regulations through technical assistance of PL 88-164 and other innovative state programs-ie-accessible environment, early childhood education, and barrier-free housing. Carol was a moving force in accomplishing interagency-cooperation.

Dr. Doris Fraser, Director

Massachusetts Executive Level Bureau of Developmental Disabilities

Carol has an amazing ability to get people enthusiastic and keep them moving toward short- and long-term goals, no matter how long and tortuous the path.  No big who-haw about work...just keep things moving in the right direction.

Dr. Thomas O'Brien, Director

Massachusetts Office of State Planning and Management

For more than a decade, Carol could be found somewhere along the cutting edge of any major social change.


Dr. Gunnar Dybwad, Dean

Florence Heller School for Advanced Studies in Social Welfare Planning (Brandeis University)

Carol knows everybody in the world, and if she doesn't, she knows how to meet them.

Carl Levin, Sr. VP Public Affairs

Burson Marsteller Public Relations

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