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How can I help you make a greater impact, get the results you desire for yourself or your company while also making a difference in the world?  It two people, no two families, no two companies are exactly the same.  And even those that seem very similar may have different needs or circumstances, different goals, a different level of investment to make -- so I only do custom work.  Schedule a chat and if it seems like a fit, ask me for a one-of-a-kind proposal for helping you.

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My Story

I come from a city that's bellwether for corporate social responsibility, public-private partnerships, private sector initiatives, and philanthropy.  I come from an affluent business family that reinvests wealth in our community and world. I have a lifetime track record of designing and launching cutting-edge projects with meaningful and measurable impacts from local to international.


At five, I was going to the neighborhood store for elderly folks in my grandparents' small town and tagging along with my grandmother on her Sunshine Committee visits to "shut-ins." At thirteen, I won a city-wide "Teen Topper" award for starting a Teen Volunteer Service at the precursor to the local United way in Minneapolis.  At seventeen, i was chairing my university's Charity Week.  At twenty, I was recruited for a full Federal fellowship to graduate school in social work.


By twenty-five, I had worked my way up to a senior interagency, public-private, Federal-state-local strategic planning position in the governor's planning office.  And at thirty-five, I was a senior consultant in public affairs at a high-powered, full-service Washington agency planning and organizing national and international public-influencing campaigns, broad-based coalitions, new organizations, and impact-intended publications.  Our clients included the White House, various Federal agencies, Fortune 100 companies, national organizations and nonprofits, and affluent individuals who wanted to make a difference.  I also volunteered for political campaigns and local causes, including chairing DC Make-A-Difference Day one year.

In recent years I've split my time between family caregiving support, my own independent consulting business, and various online business ventures.  Semi-retired in California, Washington State, and Minnesota, I often started women's business networks and helped bootstrap social entrepreneurs launch new enterprises using websites as launchpads, an innovative proprietary approach I invented.  In 2021, I'm upping my own efforts to help others make an impact because of the need for more of us to step up in a world and a country with growing needs.

"Carol was often on the cutting edge of radically new social programs and approaches... She has an amazing

ability to get people motivated and keep things moving in the right direction."

Dr. Thomas O'Brien, VP Finances, Harvard University

Director, Massachusetts Office of State Program Management

"Carol knows everybody in the world.  And if she doesn't, she knows how to meet them."

Carl Levin, Sr. Vice President Public Affairs

Burson Marsteller Washington DC

"Carol is one of the best networkers I've had on my team. It's helped us create several

 powerful strategic alliances and coalitions. She developed plans and proposals for a number of clients,

She led our Private Sector Initiative Service and the research for our publications Power of the Purse and

first-ever Directory of National Business and Professional Women's Organizations."

Edie Fraser, Founder and President

The Public Affairs Group, Washington DC

"Carol Liege organized and ran two successful local businesswomen's

organizations in Southern California and helped launch a statewide Women's Chamber of Commerce

while also helping launch individual members' businesses and community projects."

Robbie Motter, Founder and CEO

The Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs