Are You Ready to Make a Bigger Difference? 

Full Moon

Rarely has the United States seen a moment when it's more important for successful individuals, families, companies and organizations with the time and resources to do more for others, for communities, and for the world to step up their game.

But How?  There are hundreds of needs and possibilities.  I help both individuals and companies...

  • Identify the problem or dream they'd like to address, impact.

  • Consider different strategies for making a real difference.

  • Decide what results would give their life or your business greater rewards (impact on the problem, publicity for them or their company, community standing, awards, family values?)

  • Create an action plan for getting the results they desire with an optimum return on their investment of time and money, alliances.


Troubling Signs of the Times

Why increase your impact NOW? 2020-21 have seen tough times for the world, the United States, and millions of Americans.  Signs are things will be getting worse, and some experts are predicting they could get much worse in the coming months and years. Surely you already know this.  Read more...     

How Can You Increase Your Impact?

There are hundreds of ways you can make a difference, have an impact, from helping an old lady across the street to changing the world.  Which one (or ones) you choose depends on your goals, your interests and opportunities, the issues you care about affecting, the amount of time and money you have (or can get) to invest, the demands placed on you, and other considerations.  Unless you've already chosen a mission or feel called to a particular path, you may need to narrow down your options.  Then you may need help choosing the best strategy to get maximum results with whatever you invest.  You may want to avoid the time or frustration it will take you to research your opportunities, create a plan, and/or launch your effort.  Read more...

How Can I Help You? 

No two people (families, companies, organizations) have exactly the same knowledge, interests, opportunities, connections, resources, or needs, so if you'd like my help please schedule a phone or Zoom chat with me to talk about your vision, your goals, and the results you'd like to get.  If it seems like a good fit, I'll develop a custom proposal to send you for your review.  If you like it, we can talk further and decide how to proceed.  There's no commitment required unless you decide to go forward with me.  Read more...

Moving Forward...Consultation

If you want to move forward, we'll schedule 4-6 weekly sessions to explore what you feel would increase your impact, help you reach your goals, or give your life more meaning and purpose.  We'll look at options for how to do it, how much time and money you'd like to invest, what measurable results you'd like to get.  Between sessions I'll prepare a briefing paper for you on options you can consider, including doing any research that needs to be done for you to make a good decision.  By the end of six weeks together, you'll have all the ideas and information you need to create your own action plan, or you can hire me and my associates to build one for you.

Moving Forward...Done-For-You Action Plan

My associates and I can create a unique and powerful done-for-you action plan for launching and leading...

  • Personal development plans.

  • Family development plans.

  • Business development plans.

  • Corporate social responsibility programs.

  • Planned personal/company charitable giving.

  • High-level voluntarism (e.g. Board service)

  • Public-private partnerships.

  • An educational, consulting, mentoring, or coaching program.

  • Sponsored projects of your own design.

  • A corporate or family foundation.​

  • Sponsorships

About Me

I come from a city that's been a national leader in corporate social responsibility programs and social involvement of wealthy families.  I come from a family of successful business owners, including a National Medal of Technology winner, who have been making a difference in the family, community, and world for generations. I won a citywide award for volunteering when I was only 13, chaired my college's charity week, obtained a government-sponsored master's in social work, and served three governors as a senior planner for comprehensive, interagency, public-private state programs. We implemented major changes that continue to influence many state and local governments as well as national programs.

I was a senior consultant in public affairs in Washington DC for twenty years, planning public-influencing campaigns and coalitions aimed at issues as diverse as drunk driving, energy conservation, Federal tax and trade incentives, women's business parity.  For several of those years I produced a weekly Private Sector Initiatives Service report for Fortune 100 companies that wanted to partner with Federal agencies or pursue social responsibility, government relations, community relations, or public relations objectives. I also organized and chaired Washington DC "Make a Difference Day" for the mayor while there.

My work has always involved high-level research and analysis, strategic planning and organization, collaboration, and careful attention to desired results.  Over the years, my clients have ranged from large corporations and government agencies to struggling solopreneurs.