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Thinking about starting something new?  

Increasing your impact?

Making a difference?

Saving the world?

We help women who want to make a difference launch new campaigns, coalitions, programs, businesses, nonprofits, books, websites, events and other initiatives.  We can help you do it yourself, do it with you, or do it for you.  Our fees are extremely competitive and affordable.  No "one size fits all" services or programs here.  Everything is done by custom quote.

 "The world will be saved by Western Woman." 

   -- The Dalai Lama, 1997

My favorite thing to do is help women launch unique, cutting-edge humanitarian projects, new not-for-profit organizations, social action initiatives,  or social entrepreneurship businesses  from their own beautiful, functional, website  "launchpads."  


My associates and I can fuel "lift off" to the activities and connections that will impact the problem or issue you're most concerned about with you, or for you..

My network of associates bring many years of expertise and wisdom in numerous specialties to bear on whatever issues we address.  We also belong to numerous leading groups and masterminds in technology, marketing, publishing, coaching, and more.. If we don't know how to do something, we know how to find someone who does.

I love chatting with women interested in increasing their impact and/or income in a complementary strategy call. Contact me to schedule a time to chat about how you can make the difference you'd like to make, and whether I could help you or connect you to someone else who could.






Carol Liege

ATTN: Women Who Are Ready to Move From Success to Significance.
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Cell:  +1 612-227-0752
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